How To Delete Your Moocher Account

App Name: Moocher
Developer Name: Moocher Ltd
App Website:
Play Store Link:
Date: 26/04/23

You can use the Moocher app without signing up using the free guest mode however to use core features and interact you will have to create a profile for yourself or your business (retailer account)

When you sign up, personal data will transmitted from your device to our server and then stored on our server as stated in the privacy policy.

If you no longer want to use Moocher app you can have your data deleted from our server. There are two ways you can do this:

  1. Delete Account – You can navigate to the settings section in the Moocher app and then press Delete Account button.
  2. Contact Us – You can send an email to with the subject “Remove Moocher Account” and in the body of the email include your username and email you used when you signed up. We will email you an account deletion link which you can click to delete your Moocher account.

If you only wish to delete or alter certain personal information such as your account email address or a photo you uploaded. You can send an email to with the subject “Data Removal Request” and let us know what you want to delete / modify. Dont forget to include the username and email you used when you signed up

When your account is deleted all personal data such as email, password and profile will be deleted from our server database. All your photos will also be deleted. All deletion is permanent and can not be recovered at a later date.

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