Moocher – Stay Safe

Have fun with moocher, meet new people.. But satefy first!

Moocher – Stay Safe

Staying Safe While Chatting with a Moocher User. Staying Safe While Meeting a Moocher User. Groups and Events. Report/Block. Moocher is a social platform where users can meet one or more people nearby and catch up with him/her in real to have drinks, coffee or anything else within. While we encourage people to chat with other users, we also ask the users to take precaution when chatting or meeting the person someone in real. Here are some tips to stay safe while chatting with a Moocher user and meeting a Moocher user for the first time. We do not perform checks on all users and so it is your responsibility to ensure you follow the advice above and stay safe. We do verify email addresses.

Staying Safe While Chatting with a Moocher User

  • Do not share your social profiles, email address or phone numbers, unless really necessary or you trust the other person.
  • Do not share where you live. You can tell him/her about your town or even neighborhood, but Do not give your exact address.
  • Be vigilant and watch out for red flags. For example people spamming you or making offers to good to be true.
  • Move slow. Do not rush in to tell them everything about you.
  • Ask questions and find as much information about the person as you can.
  • Ask for his social media account and find out whether the person is real or not.

Staying Safe While Meeting a Moocher User:

  • When you decide to meet, make sure to know everything about him/her.
  • Check his social media profiles and see if the person is trustworthy.
  • Never meet in private, always meet him/her in public places like parks, restaurants, etc. Choose a neutral venue for the meeting.
  • When you are going to meet the person, always inform your friends or family where you are going.
  • Carry a mobile phone and some spare cash.
  • When the person orders you a drink, choose the beverage wisely. If you are taking alcoholic drinks, limit the number of drinks.
  • If you have to go to the bathroom, empty the glass. Do not leave your drink unattended if possible to simply prevent drink drugging.
  • Do not leave your phone or wallet unattended.
  • Observe personal space and respect the feelings of others.
  • Use your first meeting to build trust and get to know about the other person. Remember if you get along you can always arrange another drink.
  • Have an exit strategy in case the meeting does not go the way you want. But try not to offend people.
  • Try not to meet up too late at night and if you do make sure you have transport home arranged.
  • If you are going to be driving home make sure you do not drink over the legal limit in your country.

Groups and Events

  • When request to join an group / event try and make sure it is genuine.  If its a retailer event look up the retailers details and address and see if it real.
  • Be aware that any other user can request and attend an event or group.  User groups have the option of screening by group owner who can reject requests to join.
  • If going to meet a group, be sure that you know where the location is and have taken any necessary precautions.  Always tell someone else like a family member if necessary.


  • If you meet a Moocher user and find him/her to be different (age, appearance) than his/her Moocher profile, we encourage you to report the user.
  • You can report the profiles if the profile image is inappropriate or offensive.
  • You can report the profiles if the user begins to use abusive or vulgar language.
  • You can block a user if he/she begins to spam with the request. The block feature will stop them from seeing your profile or sending messages.
  • In extreme cases such as if you suffer physical harm or loss be sure to also report the person to local law enforcement agencies.

We do not perform checks on all users and so it is your responsibility to ensure you follow the advice above and stay safe.  We do verify email addresses.