Moocher Liverpool’s Hip 50 Wellness Personalities for 2022

Liverpool’s burgeoning wellness scene has never been healthier! There are now so many opportunities to get involved in your favourite wellness activity in January 2022 and beyond…albeit cardio, resistance training, a boot camp, a gentle pursuit or even a relaxation method.

We can’t speak highly enough of the people and companies we’ve come across in the last 24 months and just wanted to show our gratitude by giving them in a mention in our Moocher Liverpool Hip 50 Wellness Personalities for 2022. Hope you enjoy reading

1, Carol Phillips

If you’ve heard that Prescot’s lifestyle scene is on the up, then look no further than Hands on Healthcare as to why more wellness businesses are also opening in the area. Established almost 30 years ago, the company led by practitioner Carol Phillips offers a wide range of holistic health treatments including deep tissue massage, reiki, Indian head massage, sports injuries, chiropody, podiatry, osteopathy and C.B.T. counselling services

2, Sean Liddell

Sean is a Mental Health First Aid trainer but much more than that. When he’s not out networking, he’s immersing himself in freezing cold water…of course, all in the name of wellness. Mindfulness and Wellbeing, Stress and Resilience, Emotional intelligence are his other specialist subjects, find out more via

3, Dalip Matta

Now co-owner of legendary family grocer business Matta’s, Dalip has been one of the pioneers of the vegan scene in the city, both within the business and via his own journey. An Art of Living fan, yoga devotee and peace activist, Dalip along with brother Deepak and wife Jill continue to inspire new generations about all things wellness

4, Antony Strode

The brains (alongside wife Rachel) behind Little World Market which opened in February 2019 in Bootle. Featuring an eco-friendly environment with zero waste store, plus organic, vegetarian health food café, shop and community space, the venture is proof that wellness needn’t be elitist. Family entertainment, child-friendly and inclusive, Little World has got wellness sorted and all under one roof. Expect big things from the brand in 2020

5, John Bullock

Former British kick boxing champion John has always been passionate about sport and understands all too well, the importance of wellness in the workplace having successfully built up and sold his property empire recently. Using sport as metaphor, John delivers stress management training to companies and organisations helping them develop strategies for their teams, creating a happier workforce and increasing retention rates in the process

6, Nina Ali

Have you ever experienced an aromatherapy massage, reflexology or acupressure facial treatments? We visited Nina’s Natural Clinic which operates in South Liverpool, the city centre and in North Wirral and felt completely rejuvenated. A deeply dedicated holistic health fan and practitioner, Nina Ali will inspire you with her self-care packages that extend from her massage treatments to health and lifestyle products like water filter systems for your home or place of work

7. Sarah McBride

Health entrepreneur Sarah is regarded as a leading light across Liverpool wellness circles both for her foresight and business acumen having brought national and internationally acclaimed speakers and practitioners to the city over the last few years. Best known for the Kapucia brand, 2020 looks set to be an even bigger 12 months for the dog-loving businesswomen with some new concepts on the horizon, soon to be revealed.

8. Dr Hassan Yasin

NHS Psychiatrist and family man Hassan is on a mission to empower people to understand and take ownership of their mental well-being. Founder of Moodit, Hassan’s acclaimed app smacks of the entrepreneurial drive he has to help the nation go beyond the “limiting”  ‘chasing the stigma’ rationale currently still dominating the social media narrative on mental health

9, Mark Blankstone

Mark and his team have spent almost three decades looking after the eye health of Liverpool. Blankstone Opticians continues to be the region’s leading independent opticians and in 2019 invested heavily in pioneering new eyecare technology which uses a highly advanced screening process to enable early diagnosis of potential underlying sight problems. The business district-based company also benefits from its exclusive relationships with world renowned fashion houses and their sunglass and spectacles brands, bringing its customers that ‘feel good wellness’ factor on leaving the store

10, Kurt Wilson

Another unassuming family man on our list, who quietly, has gone about building a wellness empire with Fuel Station. Kurt’s profile was heightened after his participation in The Apprentice but in spite of a starring role, his preference has always been to plot and maximise his and his company’s potential away from the glare of media. The success of and speaks volumes.

11, Saeed Olayiwola

A popular figure around town, Saeed’s passion is health, wellbeing and resilience. “For me movement is a big part of achieving and maintaining good health, wellbeing and building resilience.” Using #movementismedicine Saeed has been sharing his own and his clients’ movement journey on Instagram @saeedolayiwola @3d_liverpool.

12, Mark Aston & Patti Bullock

The people behind award-winning Indigo Greens in Liverpool, the plant-based eatery that’s 100% Vegan and cruelty-free.  We sampled some of their delicious cuisine from around the world that’s also organic with gluten-free options and quickly realised why they won the Best Vegan Restaurant UK title in 2019

13, Tara Maguire

Your Yoga is seen by many in Liverpool as the catalyst for the explosion in the scene here. Entrepreneur Tara was the first to take a dip into the then unfashionable holistic world.

The company prides itself in offering an unparalleled variety of hot classes, traditional classes and workshops. Their teachers are a diverse and highly experienced bunch of yogis who have trained all over the world and, as a result, bring a wealth of combined knowledge to their Wood Street studios set in a Grade 2 listed building.

14, Catherine Odita MBE

Catherine is the highly regarded manager of The Gregson Institute Community Centre in the South Liverpool suburbs of L15. Serving up a wellness café, theatre, reading rooms and wellbeing space, Catherine is at the heartbeat of their activities and is also a passionate advocate of all things healthy. You’d do well to pass a Facebook timeline dedicated to wellness without seeing a meditation event or initiative promoted by Catherine to help others such is the size of her big heart

15, Elisa Bowman

Elisa uses a blend of informative coaching, neurolinguistic programming, strategic intervention, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy techniques to target as many different areas of healing and build resilience in an individual. Her goal for clients is to enable sustainable change rather than just a quick fix.
Also a fan and practitioner of energy healing, Elisa’s work is the culmination of 23 years of passionate study in her chosen fields of neuroscience, psychology and holistic therapy.

16, Lewis Bailey

Inspirational Lewis will tell you that the best project you can ever work on is you. A high-performance coach, entrepreneur and British soldier, Lewis helps business owners & executives take all aspects of their life to the next level. He is regarded as one of the UK’s leading fitness experts via his educational pathway through some of the world’s top strengthening coaches and therapists

17, Dr Arun Ghosh

TV doctor Arun can be seen regularly on terrestrial channels fronting programmes about nutrition, healthy eating and preventative medicine. That’s when he’s not heading up the of companies with locations in Liverpool, Cheshire and Manchester offering e.g. highly recommended private GP services and IV therapy.

18, Laura Rowe

Laura is the formidable enthusiast behind X-Hail classes and workshops for Mind, Body and Soul! She says we should forget everything we thought we knew about meditation until we’ve tried her own brand of.  They provide a range of relaxing modern events that teach you techniques to support your emotional well-being for life or simply provide you with a dedicated space to reclaim your sense of calm. You can often find X-Hail in stressed out offices, your local gym or yoga studio, plus schools and colleges

19, Nicola Burns

Nicola refers to herself as a wellness explorer and “insatiably curious” about the healing power of the Earth’s most precious ingredients and the power to age even slower than nature, using alternative therapies and natural ingredients. Her passion began in her 30’s when she read an article about slowing down the ageing process using food. She then started her journey of self-healing after a Lupus diagnosis through food and nutrition, combining a mix of ancient techniques and modern-day biohacking

20, Tracy McMahon

Tracy is the founder and owner of Buddha Therapies, one of the most accomplished wellness practices in Liverpool and the North West of England. Multiple award-winning, Tracy refers to the many deeply relaxing benefits from complimentary treatments her company offers. “Not only do they stimulate the senses with their healing properties, they enable organs to work to their maximum optimum, creating a fantastic sense of well-being.” The range of treatments on offer is bewildering and too tempting not to indulge

21, Martin Bone

Martin is the man behind Planet Yoga, founded in 2012 offering yoga, meditation & holistic therapies within their South Liverpool-based centre. Grounded by a very relaxed vibe where people can feel at home, the whole set up enables people to be part of something special. Catch the inspiring Martin and his wholesome thoughts on Instagram where he delivers influential gems to his followers such as ‘what’s the best thing that can happen?’

22, Natalie Butler

Natalie radiates positivity and is the founder of Barre Balance whose mission is to offer women a fun workout which strengthens and tones their body. The classes aim to restore mind and body balance in a warm and welcoming environment which leaves you feeling amazing. The popular classes also include a guided meditation surrounded by the aroma of aromatherapy oils

23, Sarah Griffiths 

Queen of nutrition in Liverpool, Sarah Griffiths’ 23 years of experience puts her in ideal shape to launch new baby & toddler food business Super Cool Food off the back of her successful brand Unique. The former body builder & fitness model is passionate especially about children’s nutrition and is acclaimed for helping to rejuvenate children’s gut health. “I believe all children deserve the best health and nutrition guidance”

24, Hailey Coxon

Effervescent Hailey sparkles with love and enthusiasm for everything holistic. A hugely positive soul, Hailey offers offline and online high impact wellness coaching including the likes of Timeline Therapy, Hypnosis, Phobia Release, EFT and Mindful Movement. She helps clients (from her new base in Liverpool) manage anxiety, stress, phobias, reoccurring injury, emotional health management and elite mindset performance

25, Jack & Ethan Smith

The turbo-charged energy behind Liverpool Health & Wellbeing and 2020’s healthiest festival Eudaemonia. The brothers’ vision was always to bring together organisations in Liverpool through unity and collaboration to help promote a healthier and happier lifestyle for all! Come the festival on March 1st, expect meditation sessions, yoga, fitness tasters, inspirational and motivational talks, cookery demos, lots of healthy food, drinks & snacks, shopping with an array of different holistic & ethical products, plus of course, a chance to get to know about Liverpool’s finest independents who promote nothing but health and wellbeing. Children under 12 go free

26, Thalbir Kaur Shokar

Popular Thalbir has been exploring and practicing Yoga for almost 20 years. She enjoys “sharing the never-ending art of connecting breath with movement and harmonising the mind with body and spirit…once you have a taste of this you want more.” She loves how yoga and meditation hone-in on the inherent intelligence of the body and relax the mind for unified energy. Thalbir is both well qualified and highly thought of

27, Gill Torres

Gill has been a ubiquitous figure on the Liverpool wellness scene for the past decade. She’s best known of late for Soul Scripting which uses writing exercises and mindfulness techniques to lead people on their journey of self-discovery. “Learn to consult the wisdom of your intuition, overcome blocks and shape the life you want” is the brand promise. A professional writer, mindful business professional and healer Gill maintains that Soul Scripting can be applied in corporate and educational settings, as a mindfulness practice, a method for overcoming creative blocks and a unique tool for organisational transformation

28, Janet Barnett & Russ Muir

Russ is a manager and therapist at Barnett’s Wholefoods in North Liverpool whilst Janet is the owner.  They make a perfect team. The business is a small, independent, popular health store with a team trained in complementary health. And their Facebook page neatly describes the company

29, Sarah Rose Bright

Sarah is a leading certified Sex, Pleasure & Intimacy Coach empowering women and couples to discover and express their true sexual nature. A pioneer as the UK’s first certified sex coach and one of the first somatic sex educators Sarah is the founder of the transformative programmes: Ignite Your Sexuality, to awaken your sexuality and live your full potential; and V-Life, to love, pleasure and care for your vulva and vagina. She blends extensive training, personal experience, ancient wisdom and modern sexology for clients to love their true sexual nature and create happy, healthy, empowered and confident lives

30, Claire Cockburn

Claire’s brainchild Rawfully Good was founded after, as she puts it, “an extensive world-discovery tour.” Claire found spiritual guidance, lifestyle education and, gained knowledge in natural food medicine on her travels. Today, her unique blends of fresh fruits and veggies that pack a nutritious and delicious kick fill the shelves of the best independent stores across the city. In addition, her online business offers the busy but health-conscious people of Liverpool the raw goodness of super-foods that support a healthier lifestyle

31, Nicola Forshaw

Nicola is an entrepreneur with humility who runs one of the most successful wellness businesses in the UK let alone Liverpool. Merseyside Independent Business Award winner for Best Health & Wellbeing Business in 2019, Nicola is also a Merseyside Woman of the Year Finalist and was one the first to bring mindfulness into the workplace in 2014. She has since taught more than 5000 people how to practice mindfulness & meditation

32, Natalie Shilton

The notion that eating sweet things is a treat makes no sense to anyone with a knowledge of food and wellness. When you’re on the move, you need the right energy from your food to sustain you and keep you healthy. The Nakery, owned by Natalie Shilton is genius…providing a menu that’s nutritious yet without the spikes and harmful effects of refined sugar. Specialists in award-winning raw vegan ‘naked’ cakes that are gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy free too, welcome to the future of food

33, Philip Bridges 

Phil is the inspiration behind national mental health organisation, MindMap, navigating you to better mental health through therapyjournalismMental Health First Aid Training and information about services. From Premier League footballers to number one selling bands, their interviews uncover the wellbeing habits and challenges of public figures across the UK and beyond. As it says on their website, “Let’s create a new normal where it’s as common to talk about mental health as it is about last night’s TV.”

34, Allison Mountaine

Allison started her colonic business about 5 years ago then progressed to enemas, coffee enemas being the most popular. She then invested in ozone therapy and has now taken onboard Bio Resonance which many in wellness circles regard as the future of medicine. Currently in the process of moving her practice The Detox Clinic, her company will be offering more health treatments in 2020 including IV drips and blood analysis

35, Kim Rutherford

Kim as a coach and therapist helps people manage their stress and all the issues it creates… Anxiety, Burnout, Career transition, Depression, Panic Attacks, Phobias, Relaxation, Self Esteem, Self-Defeating Behaviours, Wellness, Work-Life Balance, Work related stress, Work performance and productivity. “Don’t suffer alone, get in touch and move forward positively with your life” says Kim

36, Katie Lee

Katie, most commonly known by her business name ‘The Social Butterfly’, has always been a big advocate for shopping local and promoting small businesses. Her latest venture, ‘A Very Eco Market’ is an entirely eco, vegan, upcycled and recycled market with the aim of creating a carbon neutral and guilt-free creative space. With a team of fellow eco warriors, these events take place at Camp and Furnace every two months. When she’s not doing markets, she’s hosting workshops and networking events to boost confidence and wellness for female freelancers/business owners at ‘Boss Babes Brunch’.

37, Tina Steinsberg

Tina has been creating unique yoga wear for her ‘i can cu’ yoga brand for more than ten years. She works with environmentally friendly materials like organic cotton and bamboo and tailors her designs “to fit her individual clients’ measurements rather than one size fits all.” Her passion for yoga clothing comes from her own yoga practice. Join her weekly kundalini yoga for adults on Thursday evenings in the Sefton Park area of the city plus children’s yoga on Monday nights –

Claire Morton

Multiple award-winning NLP Coach, yoga teacher and Wirral Wave radio presenter Claire has built a successful, national business ELL&DEE NLP Consultants, which started off in 2017 servicing corporate clients for Leadership and Emotional Intelligence training. Demand then led to more private coaching and therapies. More recently adding retreats in the UK and abroad to the service offer, Claire has also created The Purpose Pusher Programme online to help men find their passion and purpose through motivational online coaching

39, Geniene Azalea

The founder of Sass and Self Help, Geniene is a sound healer, reiki master and Law of Attraction coach. She uses techniques that she learnt through her own journey to inspire others. Her workshops, seminars and courses are hugely popular and are always sell outs. Her Law of Attraction mastery course has helped hundreds of people to wake up to the power of the subconscious mind

40, Matt Murphy

Matt is the founder and owner of Feel Supreme which “has grown from a dream.” Originally conceived from a passion for learning in the field of naturopathic nutrition, Feel Supreme founder, Matt Murphy, set up the company in 2013 purely as an avenue of sharing information via social media with like-minded individuals whilst embarking on his studies. After earning a healthy following for Feel Supreme, the next step was to source high-quality superfoods to complement the bespoke, premium quality, nutritional advice offered by the company. Since then Matt and the company haven’t looked back

41, Simone Reeves

Liverpool’s most flamboyant Brazilian, mum Simone is a bundle of energy. Perhaps best known locally for her dancing on stage at Alma de Cuba for almost 15 years, talented Simone is also MD, choreographer, costume designer and dance teacher with Viva Brasil Samba. Proof that dancing keeps you fit, healthy and happy

42, Lyndsay Jordan

Lyndsay is the founder and operator of hot yoga and boutique wellness studio the Yoga Loft. Located in up-and-coming Prescot, Lyndsay wanted to create a unique space that allows yoga to become an inclusive activity. After being introduced to yoga whilst raising her first child, her dream was to run a yoga studio for everyone regardless of age, beliefs or body shape. She maintains all participants find something for them in yoga be it spiritual, mindful or simply to improve their fitness

43, Harriet McGuffie

Founder of fitness business Harriet McGuffie, Harriet wants to help everyone create a better version of themselves. Self-improvement is the theme whether your goals be fat-loss, fitness, health and wellbeing and/or performance related, her team of personal trainers can help you. Expect to train in a motivating, fun and supportive environment

44, Breathren

Everybody needs to take a breath but what is less recognised is, how we breathe daily and how this affects our life during sleep, eating, work, exercise and relaxation. Reset’s Joel Jelen is looking to scale up the business further into schools and employers whilst continuing to network amongst the breathing community globally – he’s a Fellow of Buteyko (boo-tay-ko) Professionals International. Reset also helps individuals online and offline with breathing education

45, Nicola Wright

Nicola works on the premise ’don’t let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present.’ As a Transformational Therapist, she has been for the past three years taking away people’s unhappy childhoods and giving them a new one. The effects of adverse childhood experiences on our lives has only been recognised as a phenomenon by the medical establishment in the last 10 years. Also using hypnotherapy and personal development techniques, Nicola will change your life

46 Dave Cotgrave

David helps people create balance in their lives through ‘energy psychology’ methods.
Incorporating Emotional Freedom Techniques, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Wrist Kinesiology, Chakra work and Dream work, he uses gentle and non-invasive holistic approaches. “These allow deep transformational change and often lead to relief from traumatic events

47 Christine Kearns

Christine is passionate about serving others to live a full and healthy life after reversing Rheumatoid Arthritis through Nutrition and holistic therapies. Using ‘Nia’ as a practice for preventing disease as well as improving fitness, she has coached cancer patients, women living with auto immune disease as well as those who wish to ignite a healthy, body, mind and spirit @nourishwithnaturelife

48 Elissa Corrigan

Elissa is fresh from Bear Gryll’s Channel 4 TV programme Treasure Island where she battled it out against other islanders and also featured in E4’s Desperate Scousewives. A businesswoman, tabloid journalist and ghost writer for celebrities, Elissa also specialises in working with people on her health retreats – The Life Lab Retreat – “to get the best out of them and make sure their mindset is the best it can be.”

49 Dr Danielle Greenberg

Danielle is a much loved and sought-after vet with more than 20 years’ experience. When she’s not running her successful business in the city centre, she uses her spare time, taking to the streets to look after the dogs of the homeless. She also works with local schools to help educate children about safety around dogs. In addition and from the growth of urban living, her team help city dwellers turn their living space into a cat heaven and adventure playground whilst they’re at work

50 Dr Paul Myers and Dr Jens Thomas

Farm Urban was born out of the Life Sciences Department at the University of Liverpool. Paul and Jens are taking science fresh from the lab and implementing it at the farm in the heart of urban communities, aiming to “change both how we do science and how we farm our food. They develop and test the most efficient ways to grow food in urban environments, focussing primarily on aquaponics.”

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